Agricultural Resource Management Plan

The Wind River Indian Reservation Agricultural Resource Management Plan was approved by the Wind River Reservation Inter-Tribal Council on June 13th, 2018.

-View the approved draft plan here-




The Future of the Wind River Indian Reservation

The Growth of Agriculture



Help Strengthen the Future of our Tribes' Agriculture and Natural Resources!




A viable, self-directed and sustainable agricultural economy

that enhances the education, health, natural resources,

traditions and culture of our native people.




Provide direction fo agricultural development for now and into the future.


Planning Process:

  • Determine the major issues on the Wind River Reservation regarding agriculture.

  • Organize issues into topics and determine what broad statements can be made about the topics.

  • Create methods to address the issues.

  • Identify agricultural policy options to determine their feasibility.

  • Select feasible policies to agricultural development.

  • Present the plan to the Reservation.

  • Implement the plan.


Time Frame:

Task 1. Select topics to be addressed- 9 months

Task 2. Determine goals- 4 months

Task 3. Select objectives- 4 months

Task 4. Collect data on ag- 8 months

Task 5. Identify policies- 4 months

Task 6. Determine policy feasibility- 6 months

Task 7. Get policies approved- 4 months

Task 8. Get Plan approved- 4 months


Topics to be covered in ARMP:

Land Management

Land Leasing

Land Productivity

Irrigation System

Water Storage and Distribution

Cropland Productivity

Grazing Leases

Agricultural Product Marketing

Food Production for Home, for Market

Traditional Crops/Plants

Future Farmers and Sustainability


Tribal Resources

Land - Water - Wildlife


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